Nyhetsartikel: More Raelians demand ‘god-free’ naturalization ceremony
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måndag 10 september 2012

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 10 – In Boston last week, Raelian Guide Dr. Mehran Sam became the latest Raelian to become a U.S. citizen through a “god-free” official ceremony that omitted references to a god and words about taking up arms.

Raelians deny the existence of a personal deity. Instead, they honor the Elohim, extraterrestrial scientists who created all life on Earth, including humans, through advanced genetic engineering. The Raelian philosophy also disapproves of violence and advises young men to become conscientious objectors.

“After 2 years of waiting, with letters back and forth with the USCIS, I finally had my citizenship ceremony done privately in the judge’s office,” Sam said. “Exactly as I requested, my signed oath contained no religious references, and it also omitted the phrase about taking up arms.”

Nor were any such words used by the ceremony’s presiding official.

“I’m very happy and proud as a Raelian, atheist and pacifist to have achieved this god-free ceremony,” Sam said, adding that several other Raelians have also achieved this goal.

Raelian Guide Thomas Kaenzig won his struggle for a god-free U.S. citizenship ceremony in December 2007.

“Alterations to the citizenship oath had been permitted before his quest began, but he was the first to insist upon omitting all religious references from the oath ceremony, including those made by the judge,” Sam said. “All the waiting and extra effort was well worth it for both of us and will also be worth it for any other Raelian who faces this issue. The traditional oath-taking ceremony not only violates our right to live the Raelian philosophy but violates our human rights as well. We must never give up those rights. Government should guarantee freedom of religion but at the same time be free from religion.”

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