Nyhetsartikel: ‘GoTopless’ organization accuses media of discriminating against ‘women’s equal topless rights’ in cities where female public toplessness is already legal
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fredag 31 augusti 2012

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 31 – On Sunday, Aug. 26, numerous reporters and TV crews covered 30 GoTopless events around the world.

GoTopless (www.gotopless.org) is an international organization fighting for women’s legal rights to go topless wherever men can.

“In certain legally topless cities, including New York City; Asheville, N.C.; Columbia, Mo.; and in two Canadian cities, Toronto and Vancouver, they were faced with a puzzling contradiction,” said GoTopless President Nadine Gary. “They were reporting the right of women to exercise their topless rights, but couldn’t publish photos of legally naked breasts without editing them first. At some of our rallies, the legally topless participants were asked to hide their chests before their pictures were taken.”

“We find this situation outrageous,” Gary said. “Why would the media censor the legal actions of individuals in their communities?”

She said GoTopless strongly denounces such discrimination and demands the end of media censorship in legally topless communities.

“They certainly don’t put black bars over pictures of bare-chested men in New York City or Toronto newspapers,” Gary said. “And we don’t see them blurring men’s bare chests on TV either!"

In cities where female toplessness is legal, women’s bare chests must be treated the same as men’s in local media coverage, according to Gary.

“Where the law is already on our side, media outlets have the duty to reflect the reality of equal topless rights by using uncensored photos and textual references, regardless of what the law stipulates elsewhere,” Gary explained. “Throughout the year, until the next GoTopless Day on August 25, 2013, our organization will continue its relentless campaign to achieve equal topless rights for both genders.”

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