Nyhetsartikel: Rael applauds three-person civil union in Brazil
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Postat av Raelian Movement
fredag 31 augusti 2012

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 31 – Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, today expressed his full support for a public notary in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo who accepted a civil union between three people.

“People should be free to create a family of as many individuals as they wish, and of any sex,” Rael said in a statement released today by the International Raelian Movement (IRM). “The taboos of primitive, obsolete religions must not try to dictate how people should live their private lives.”

According to the Brazilian press, the notary, Claudia do Nascimento Dominguez, said the man and two women who applied for the civil union were entitled to family rights because the idea of what constitutes a family has changed.

“She echoed the position of Raelian philosophy, which opposes traditional religious dogma,” said Brigitte Boisselier, IRM spokesperson.

She added that this is another promising development in Brazil, which has recently adopted more liberal social policies.

“For example, in 2011, Brazil’s Supreme Court ruled that gay couples in what it called ‘stable partnerships’ should be given the same financial and social rights enjoyed by those in heterosexual relationships,” Boisselier said. “This year, Brazilian Raelians are expressing their support for Dominguez as well as their hope that the Brazilian legal system won’t yield to the omnipresent pressure of Catholicism.”

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